JME offers a wide range of services, which can be tailored to suit both clients and horses alike. Here are examples of some services:

  • Breaking and backing of young horses and ponies – Julian has broken more than a thousand horses and ponies over the past 30 years, many of which have gone on to huge success. Horses can also be backed ridden and turned away on our 100 acres of superb post and rail paddocks, and re-broken before returning home.
  • Show Jumping, Training and Livery – JME can offer in-house training for both you and your horse using our extensive facilities. Julian can also travel to you, although there will be a charge for travel and fuel. It is sometimes more cost effective for you to visit us. We can also accommodate your horse if so wished.
  • Show Jumping Competition Livery – One of our most popular services. Why not let us produce your horse alongside ours and other owners’ horses? JME has an enviable reputation, winning all the major young horse championships including the prestigious British young horse competitions. In 2014, two 6 year old horses were selected for the world young horse championships and finished in 1st and 9th place on the finalist league of 300 horses.
  • Sales – Whether buying or selling don’t leave it to chance. Use our tried and trusted formula. Let us take the heartache out of selling your horse. We have established a huge database of contacts both locally and internationally over many years.

Descriptions:  All descriptions given on the horses at JME are based on a proper assessment by Julian and other trained staff, and represent their opinion on the horse’s behaviour.

Please note:  If you wish to try horses at our yard facilities this will be at your own risk. In allowing this, it’s under the full understanding that you are a competent enough rider and we do not accept any responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur while trying the horse.